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Want a fun gift experience or an alternative night out where you come away with some new friends and a new musical skill? At our Ukulele Taster Session, we provide the ukes and everything you need to get you playing. So come, and road test the ukulele! Try it out with fellow pupils during a fun-filled group workshop, the ukulele taster class

Everyone should take this class! It is fun, friendly, in a pub, and a great way to try out an EASY unique, fun, happy instrument. In this inclusive session, you can use one of use our ready-tuned ukuleles and learn a load of easy playing techniques under the caring eye of a very experienced ukulele tutor. You will learn how to hold and strum a ukulele, and play some easy chords. We guarantee you will play at least 1 song before the session ends (singing is optional but encouraged!) You will progress at a speedy pace, and go through a choice of popular songs. Since this is the original ukulele taster class, with a very experienced ukulele teacher, it is fun and easy to follow. Bring your friends along for a fun evening where you surprise yourself with your musical talents! It is held in a pub, it is easy, and it is something different to do after work. Everyone knows that all the cool kids play ukulele!

  • Hands-On
  • Adventurous
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What you need

Equipment: Just bring yourself!


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Wednesday 03 October at 19:00

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Kua 'Aina (Goodge Street), Goodge Street, London, United Kingdom

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Ukulele Taster Session

Love it! It�s so much fun and Laura�s really patient and encouraging with us.


Ukulele Taster Session

I�ve never played any instrument in my life but it has always been a big dream ! Thanks to Amanda, I can finally play songs that don�t sound too bad ! She was so enthousiastic to teach us. It was a real pleasure. Thank you so much !


The Host

We teach adults to play ukulele, in evening classes, in a recreational setting, in a private room in a pub. We will have you playing at least one song within an hour. It is a great way to unwind after work, and so far removed from traditional teaching, as you

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