Kokedama Making Workshop

By Jar and Fern


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Join us to learn how to create 2 of your own unique Japanese hanging plant arrangements. 'Kokedama' translates from the Japanese words for moss ('koke') and ball ('dama') - it is the art of freeing the plant from a container and planting it in a moss covered soil/clay ball. Kokedama evolved from the art of Bonsai - carefully made to brighten up Japanese homes, with people commonly creating 'string gardens' in which hanging Kokedama beautifully fill an empty space of a room.

Kokedama are viewed as living art, with every one having the potential to be a completely unique creation . Kokedama also have a practicality to them as the external moss has the advantage of acting as a sponge, which you can dip in water every week and it will slowly release water to the roots of your plant.

Jar and Fern will provide all the information and equipment you need to make your own hanging Kokedama, using Asparagus Fern and Hedera Ivy as well as instruction on how you can make many more in the future - they make great gifts!

This is a great individual or group experience for anyone who wants to learn some new indoor gardening skills. You will leave with a care guide for your Kokedama's and a neat green bag to carry it home in.

  • Hands-On
  • Exciting
  • Stimulating

What you need

Equipment: Everything is included - we will provide a neat green bag to take your Kokedama home.


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70 Camberwell Church Street, London, UK

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Kokedama Making Workshop

Jar & Fern hosted a great workshop for everyone at work, cant recommend them enough! Since doing it everyone at works keeps going on about how good it was - thanks!


Kokedama Making Workshop

Will and Madeline were great workshop leaders making everyone feel very welcome and were very attentive with answering questions and giving advice. The Tiger pub in Camberwell was a nice location for the workshop, it all felt very relaxed! Highly recommended.


The Host

Hi, we are Will and Madeleine and we set up Jar and Fern in December 2015 out of a love of all things green and planty. After creating lot and lots of terrariums and giving them away as gifts to our friends and family, we decided to try selling them at Brixton Market. Two and a half years later here we are! We make our creations at our studio in Peckham with the help of our great team!

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