2 Day Diet Book - Cookery Class

By Food Sorcery


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The 2 Day Diet Works! Kickstart your healthy eating regime in this educational cookery class. The 2 day diet or 5:2 was developed in Manchester by the Prevent Breast Cancer Charity. It is the only clinically proven diet to help you lose weight.

You will create a delicious meal from the 2 day diet book under the guidance of our knowledgeable and inspiring Chef, the class will be full of top tips and cheffy hints to help you. Once your meal is made you will sit down in the company of others.

What you need

Equipment: None - all equipment will be provided.


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Didsbury, Manchester, UK

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2 Day Diet Book - Cookery Class

Went to a class last week with the girlfriend and really enjoyed it - much more relaxed than I thought it would be and I learned a few things. The chef Jason was a top guy. Id recommend it.


2 Day Diet Book - Cookery Class

Thanks Jason and the team. We had a brilliant evening; the food was fantastic. I loved the relaxed atmosphere - a great balance of cooking and eating!


The Host

Food Sorcery was set up in late 2016, and have a passion for all things foodie. Their classes range from the traditional to the somewhat quirky with everything from Pasta to Gin & Street Food. Their Cooking Together evenings run most Fridays and were included in Manchester Confidential's top 10 pop up and supper club locations.

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